Meteor d.d. Ðakovo

METEOR is a joint-stock company for production of chemicals, founded on 1st September 1957 and seated in
Đakovo. During these many years, we have developed and adopted the production technology while applying new and own technological solutions and converted METEOR into a top manufacturer of detergents and accessory products, cleaning and maintenance products, sanitary products, footwear products, car cosmetics, candles and lanterns and other chemical products. The large range of our products offers you the possibility of
approaching all hygiene aspects of living and working premises.

A team of ambitious and innovative experts is continuously adopting new technologies for the development and
production of new products and enhancing the existing ones. A special attention is given to high and
controlled product quality as well as to the system of biodegradable and environment friendly products. The
METEOR Company contributes to and encourages awareness rising on ecology and the significance of human
environmental protection and preservation.
Our primary goal is to fully satisfy the needs and comply with the requirements of the market and our customers.

Your METEOR team.

Meteor d.d.

Chemicals Manufacturing Plant
Industrijska zona bb
31 400 ÐAKOVO, P.B.40
Republic of Croatia


Info telephone: + 385 31 840 188
Central: + 385 31 840 200
Director: + 385 31 840 180
Sales: + 85 31 840 182, +385 31 840 183
Marketing: + 385 31 840 198
Accounting and Finances: + 385 31 840 187
Telefax: + 385 31 818 057


Giro-account: 2393000-1102049878
Slavonska Banka Osijek, Subsidiary Ðakovo

Foreign currency account: 700115-978-3020924
Slavonska Banka Osijek