We guarantee that our products represent a high level of innovation and comply with the latest quality standards while offering appropriate cost/efficiency ratio. Our goal is to create a product which would entirely satisfy customers’ needs while taking into account limited available resources in our own production and customer use.

Through intense development, our products stay in line with the leading world trademarks and contain only top quality raw materials offered on the world market. The facts that we are oriented towards creating high-quality products entirely depict our concern for the customers, their health and the environmental safety of their environment.

Our business strategy could be described by the following sentence:
"To make a quality product at low cost and to make it available to all".
Guided by such business strategy, we endeavour to making our products available to all population categories and local/international markets.

Detergents and accessory products
  Household cleaning products
Deterðenti  Sredstva za èišæenje u kuèanstvu

Product for cleaning sanitary facilities  Cosmetics
Sredstva za èišæenje sanitarija Kozmetika
Candles and lanters  Footware products
Svijeæe i lampioni
  Kozmetika za obuæu
Car wash products  Other chemical products
Auto kozmetika
Ostala kemija